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Matcha Melon Bread Turtle Recipe

I've been struggling with editing my videos lately, so many technical problems, due to having a new editing software, battery on my laptop dying, etc, and only recently moved again. But I'm glad I can finally upload something new for everyone. I've always wanted to try making a melon bread, there are so many adorable pictures of different types of melon breads on the internet, strawberry, turtle, even the plain melon breads are so cute. I love bread, and I love cookies, so taking a bite of into this melon bread is basically the best of both worlds. Enjoy the recipe and I hope to update more in the future ^o^~

Recipe for Matcha Melon Bread Turtle (Written Tutorial)

Cookie Dough Recipe Ingredients
25 g Softened Unsalted Butter35 g Sugar25 g Beaten Eggs80 g All-Purpose Flour1/4 tsp Baking Powder1 tsp Matcha PowderBread Flour for dustingDirections
Cream together butter and sugar until pale.Slowly whisk in whisked eggAdd flour, baking powder, matcha. Turn into log, Saran wrap, and …

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