How To Make Crepes~

1 lb 4 oz Milk
10 oz Flour
4 Whole Eggs
2 Yolks
2 oz Sugar
1 pinch Salt
2 tbs Melted butter

(Or any fruits, or even ice cream!)


1. Mix together milk, flour, eggs. 
2. Add the sugar, salt, mix. 
3. Add the melted butter last, mix.
4. Let the batter rest 30 minutes in fridge covered.
5. On a nonstick pan (recommended but I used a wok, totally not recommended) lightly oil pan.
Pour a thin layer of batter. Flip over using spatula/toothpick/or hands.
6. Cool crepes in between parchment paper
7. Spread nutella on cooled crepes.
8. Top with strawberries
9. Either roll them up, or fold them twice. (Whatever floats your boat)

Video Tutorial:


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