Chocolate Roses

Chocolate Roses


1 pound of dark chocolate
5 fl oz corn syrup


1. Melt chocolate in a bowl/pot over simmering water
2. Add corn syrup, mix for 30 seconds
3. Wrap in plastic wrap, flatten and cool for 24 hours in a fridge.
4. Microwave for 5 seconds to soften and knead dough before handling.

Assembling the flower

Make 1 cone for the base
1 petal to go around the base
3 for first layer of petals
5 for the second layer of petals
7 for the layers of petals

If you have warm hands, or if you're handling the chocolate too much, put the chocolate piece down and work on another piece. What works best for me is when I worked in rotation, prepared the petals one by one, and worked on the first petal I made, and going back and forth only picking up petals that were cool to the touch or stable-like enough to be held. You can also use cornstarch on my hands, but I feel like they get on my chocolate and makes it look.. weird with white stuff on it. This was around my third time making the chocolate. It's good to work in this maybe in a coldish room. If the room is warm, whatever you're going to do, making this is going to be aggravating in a warm room. Wipe your hands from time to time if it get smudgey with chocolate.

I'm not really sure what I'm planning on doing with these chocolate roses. They can be used to decorate cakes.. And of course they're edible. I love how these chocolate roses turn out, looking at them, it gives off this romanticy, dark, vibe. In a good way. I don't know if it's from the chocolate, or the elegance of the roses, it makes me feel that way. I felt like the chocolate rose could be on the cover of some vampire romance novel. A 300 year old vampire falling in love with a mere mortal girl that likes to bake and eat a lot. ...Haaa. I'll stop now.

I hope its not too lame that I have some videos that have pictures as part of the tutorials rather than a full on video. I'd love love love to record everything I bake. But it's just kinda tricky for me, I barely got my tripod, which everyone was hounding on me to get for a while. It amazingly (maybe not) made this whole baking recording thing a bit easier. So thank you for hounding me. To be honest, I'm still.. struggling with the tripod.. or wrestling with it, since I'm trying to figure out how to use it correctly, I think I pretty much smacked myself with it the first time around and gave up and went back to it. Plainly put it, I'm..a novice when it comes to recording tutorials, or using the camera in general. I'd ask someone to help me, but I feel like this is something I want to do on my own, and make it mine. And plus, this one time I asked my mother to record something for me she had her thumb over the screen, half the video was pointed somewhere else, it was.. a nightmare. And it's kinda awkward just going up to one of my family/friends, "Hey can you..record me doing.. a tutorial... Just stand there with a camera for 3 hours and get my good side". I considered maybe just having the camera just view the entire kitchen with me in the center with like the bowl. But I can't bake-prettily like I've seen all these other YouTubers done it. Meaning, things get messy in this kitchen. And I like to give everyone an illusion that I'm a simple clean girl that likes pink things and to bake, and she doesn't get her dishes or apron dirty.. ever during baking. Okaaay I talked for like four paragraphs about my inabilities to using a tripod, and nothing about the chocolate roses. So I will do

This recipe is fairly simple to make. You boil some hot water, turn it off, you take another pot/aluminum bowl thats filled with chopped chocolate and you melt it. Remember to wipe off the bottom of the wet bowl when removing it from the simmering water. You just don't want to let chocolate ever come in contact with water when you're cooking/baking anything because bad things just happens. And you have to do it all over again because chocolate is sensitive and needs to be loved and cared for like that. Okay, and you take your corn syrup, mix it into your chocolate, stir for 30 seconds until the mixture leaves the sides. The appearance of the mixture will look like "seized" chocolate. Which is basically, chocolate that looks fucked up and runny when someone adds water to it. In this its okay for it to look like that. You then spread your chocolate over a plastic wrap, wrap it up, flatten, and store it in a cool place. I did this for like four hours, but the text says 24. And you could refrigerate it too, whatever you're into. Please note that you cannot use chocolate chips with this recipe, its not meant for modeling chocolate. You'll just get some kind of brownie mixture instead if you try it with chocolate chips. You have to get like, actual, fancy bars of dark chocolate for this. It's normally sold in the candy section of course, with all the other bars. I get mine normally from Fresh And Easy. Only because nobody talks to me there, and they let me use the self check out line without trying to help me =D


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