Hokkaido Milk Bread Recipe

Fluffy white milk bread recipe using a Water Roux/TangZhong. If any of you are confused what "WaterRoux" is, its a quick dough starter method used in Asian styled bread doughs to create the fluffy soft texture in bread. Don't worry too much thinking it's something complicated. It's actually very very simple and only requires a short amount of time to make (The starter.) It only involves a pan+whisk/or fork. Two ingredients, Water+Flour. And stirring constantly, and when lines appear, 30 seconds more. 

 Here's the video:


TangZhong Starter
1/3 cup flour
1 cup water

Milk Bread
270 gram or 1 2/3 cup all purpose flour
43 gram or 3 1/2 tbsp sugar
4 gram or 1 tsp salt
5.5 gram or 1 tbsp yeast
43 grams or 1 egg
29.5 grams or 2 tbsp heavy cream
27 grams or 3 tbsp milk
92 gram or 1/2 cup TangZhong
24.5 gram or 2 tbsp butter

Optional: 1 tbsp of butter for brushing at the end.


1. Make Tangzhong Starter. Combine flour and water in a pot, mix constantly. Once lines appear, continue mixing for 30 seconds. Remove from heat, set aside and cool down.

2. Combine flour, sugar, salt, yeast in a mixer. Set aside and change mixing bowls to a new one.

3. Combine egg, heavy cream milk and butter in a mixer. Swap again for dry ingredients bowl

4. Combine both bowls together, mix for one minute using the dough hook

5 Add in ONLY 1/2 cup of the 1 cup of TangZhong you've made. Mix on the "4" speed setting on your mixer with the dough hook attachment for 15 minutes straight (Don't be like me. I once used like 1 cup of tangzhong and wondered why is everything a watery mess.)

6. Turn off mixer. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap. Let it rise for 1 hr in a warm area. (I use the top of my fridge)

7. Weigh and divide your dough by 3.

8. Shape each piece into a ball. Take a ball, flatten into a circle, bring the edges together overlapping each other, or "make them hug. Roll down and flatten into a rectangle. Roll the rectangle up, and place it seam side down onto a greased bread pan dish.Do this with the rest of the two balls

9. Bake for 30+ minutes or until golden. 365F If you are worried your bread is going to brown too much cover your bread with foil

10.Brush to the tops with 1 tbsp of melted butter. This part is optional, but this make your bread all shiny and delicious and yuummy. And you should totally do it.

11. Cool on a rack. And enjoy your freshly made nomnomnom homemade bread.

The texture, taste of this bread is amazing. It makes me want to neever ever buy supermarket sandwich breads ever again. It's like fllufffies and and just the right amount of sweetness and and.. everything that a milk bread should be.

 The dooough on a fancy doily paper... I try a little too hard for attention.
 I think I'm just looking for excuses to use the doily. Ever since I got it, it was just sitting there in its packaged unopened for days. And I had the impulse to whip it out.

 This is how looks before you butter it up.

...Aaand this is why I drench my bread in butter.

 More pics=good, right? Gotta see the bread at all angles.

This bread slipped out of the pan pretty easily. I'm not sure if its because I used a Pyrex glass/bread baking dish thing. But, I do remember baking before in metal tins it was a lot more difficult getting bread out. It could be the recipe, or it could be that I was using a 1 dollar bread pan on the other times. Who knows =D


Changes made: Halved the recipe. Instead of 2 loaves of bread it makes 1. 

Roughly converted the measurements into cups. Increased the amount of milk.

Took out milk essence/milk power. Instead of bread flour I use All Purpose

flour. Instead of a bread machine, I used a mixer. Because of that I

changed most of the procedures. :) Basically, I changed almost everything. lalalala~

Wow it's been quite a while since I've actually updated the blog. I wasn't really sure if anyone was actually reading this, so I've neglected it till this point.~ I had nothing to do at 4 AM in the morning. I do want to start baking.. I saw melon bread pictures on Tumblr and I want to bake them~ Even though I have no idea what they taste like or what they really are. But just reading about it sounds amazing. Apparently its like a really cute bread bun with a cookie dough wrapped over it and baked. That sounds amazing~ I doooo want to start baking it right now.. But my back still hurts from spasming out randomly the other week, so I figured I'll just put off baking for tonight.

I updated my YouTube channel today with a new milk bread recipe. I've gotten quite a few requests for this kind of bread sooo I hope you everyone will like this recipe as much as I did :) I felt like when it came to taste, this bread beat the other Milk Bread recipe I had. Though the recipe itself was pretty similar. But when it came to looks, I think my first milk bread recipe was more visually... cuter. The difference in ingredients was this one had heavy cream I suppose. I have a tripod now so it's probably easier on the eyes to watch my videos~ No shaky one handed baker. Though, I noticed using a tripod ended up making me increase video lengths by like... four minutes. I hope that's not a problem for everyone, but if it is I'll make an effort to cut the videos shorter. I know you guys been  wanting sound in videos.. Buuuut my voice sounds disgusting, nobody wants to hear that. And my taste in music is terrible. Blahblahblah.


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