Bear Korilakkuma Shaped Onigiri

Korilakkuma Bear Onigiri

For those of you who know me, I absolutely love, love, love Korilakkuma! I think I may have to make it a goal in life to make Korilakkuma in every edible form. So far I have done macarons, and rilakkuma cookies. Yay, future Korilakkuma YouTube Series. Bento boxes seems to have really adorable and creative ways to make lunches fun. Maybe one day I will make a full blown Korilakkuma bento box. But for now, baby steps until I get there. And here is a little tutorial for onigiri with tuna filling. I didn't require any special extra molds to make this. I simply had some saran wrap and rolled things around a bit until i got the shape I wanted. :D

Recipe for Onigiri

Short or medium grain rice cooked (Can add rice vinegar for taste)
1 can Tuna
2 tablespoon Mayonnaise 
Swiss cheese (slices)
Dried Seaweed

Video demonstration on how to shape onigri into Korilakkuma 


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