Four Ingredient Flower Sponge Cake

Don't want to run to the grocery store to pick up ingredients? Then you'll be needing this very simple sponge cake recipe using only four ingredients that you will most likely have in your kitchen! This is definitely my go to recipe for sponge cakes because of how easy it is to make and how nommy it is to eat!
I also picked up the cutest Wilton silicone mold from Micheal's craft store today, and couldn't resist buying it and using it right away. I'm hoping to make some flan afterwards with this next time to make very cute flower shaped flan~


1 lb 2 oz Eggs
12 oz Sugar
12 oz Flour
0.25 oz Vanilla

Video on how to make this sponge cake recipe:

Whip over double boiler until it reaches
110 F or 43 C.

Whip in a mixer on high speed until light and thick.

Add vanilla or any other flavorings now.

Fold in flour in 4 stages being very delicate to keep the volume.

Pipe and bake 375 until golden, or toothpick inserted comes out clean.


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