New Daiso Japan! And 85 Degrees Bakery Haul

Strawberry Panna Cotta

Today I went and got some baked goods from 85 degrees bakery...maybe not like some, but two boxes and a bag worth...? But to be fair I shared it with my family and relatives! I came at the right time for once, when it was actually kind of empty, and they had like all my favorite bread/desserts there. And I didn't have to fight for my through for my bread. Some girls buy bags of make up and clothes, but I buy giant boxes of bread and sweets. While driving to another store, the words, "DAISO JAPAN" caught my eye and I banshee screamed for my cousin/driver to turn immediately into that plaza. I didn't realize they just opened a new Daiso. And its like, way closer to where I live compared to other Daisos~ So hopefully this means more Daiso trips. 3x a week rather once a week :) Two items on the bottom right are actually from Micheals craft store. They were both 1.50 too. I have like no idea what to do with most of these things that I bought. But they were so ADORABLE. Hopefully I'll figure out something soon! :)


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