New Pink Solia and Remington Flat Irons!

New pink flat irons! Sooo my really really cheap flat iron that always snagged on my hair finally exploded the other week finally because I accidentally left it on the entire day. Well, it didn't literally explode but it's just no longer functioning in a safe way when I try to turn it on. So I finally brought myself to buy a new Solia flat iron off Folica for around $60 or so with free shipping. *very rough estimate* The very next day my friend let me know that there was another, pink flat iron going on sale for $13 at Target. I ran off to target and got it thinking I'd return the other one...but I ended up keeping both of course... Since I got too lazy to return it, and I figured I always end up breaking my flat irons so it's good to have a back up. It would be sooo unfair to compare these two flat irons, because I got one for like $13 and the other for around $60. But.. they really are kind of the same to me, I probably could use both and not realize I'm using the other. The only difference is the Solia has like a longer wire, Remington has a "digital" display of the temperature and it darker in pink... And that's all about I can give you. BEST REVIEW EVER. I have long straight asian hair, and it doesn't snag and straightens easily. Both heats up very quickly. When buying the remington flat iron at target, I couldn't find it in store, there was a remington in like.. purple. and for like $43(?) then I asked for someone to help me find it and they were very helpful. I showed them the ad on my phone and they did a price check which brought it down to $13 and found the PINK remington for me~ Thank you target~


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