Songim's Baby Shower

Timothy Kim

This post is a bit late, since this happened around two months or so ago, but I've only found the time now to start blogging about it. My sister and me planned a baby shower for my sister in law Songnim and brother Seng. It was probably the most elaborate party we've ever planned, and I've ever went to in my life. I didn't realize how fun a Baby shower could be, or all the possibilities. Unfortunately I didn't have time either to video blog the whole process or the party and I'm really regretting that I didn't right now! We basically bought everything from the whole sale craft store by my house, micheals, alvin's party, and the dollar tree. The dollar tree has like tons of baby shower decorations for both genders, boy or girl. I pretty much see like all the baby shower decorations on the internet coming from there. My sister thought of the clothes line pin and baby clothes (given to my sister in law as a gift for the baby) we only needed to get $1 clothes line from the 99ct store. There were a lot of creativity and ideas put into decorating this party, as well as the activities we had for the guests were hilarious. We did many fun games like pin the tail on the sperm, guess poop-looking food  from diapers, guess the baby's birthday, guess the number of candy in a jar, vote for baby's name on a poster, soda chugging contest from a baby bottle. All the desserts were made by me cupcakes, cake. It took quite the effort since I guess I over estimated how much time I would have. Since I didn't realize I would have to help out with my mother's cooking, or go out with family that were in town, spend every hour shopping for more decorations... The cake was perfectly completely though, and it was beautiful. I think I spent like the first hour of the party napping because I spent every last minute covered in frosting. What we didn't realize how.. badly the outdoor lighting was and it was really hard to take decent photos of our decorations. But I'm happy we at least were able to snap a few good photos.

Bottle Party Favors


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