Japanese Milk Bread


Water Roux/TangZhong:
1/3 cup flour
1 cup water

Japanese Milk Bread:
2 1/2 c. flour
1 packet active dry yeast or 1 tbsp of yeast
4 T. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1 egg
1/2 c. milk
3 T. unsalted butter
1/2 c. tangzhong

1. Make TangZhong Starter by combining the flour and water together in a pan, over heat. Mix until lines appear, and continue on cooking for 30 seconds.  Set this aside and let it cool
2. Mix together your dry ingredients, flour, yeast, sugar salt.
3. In another bowl mix together your wet ingredients. Egg, milk, butter, half the tangzhong, or 1/2 a cup to be exact.
4. Combine wet and dry ingredients together
5. Using a dough hook, mix together the ingredients for 15 minutes
6. Cover and let it double in size for one hour. Punch down dough.
7. Divide into four equal pieces.
8. Lightly flour and roll into four balls
9. Flatten into a long oval, make the ends hug, flatten, and roll it up.
10. Place in bread pan seams side down, bake 350F 30 mins, last 10 mins cover with foil

This dough will be VERY sticky. Don't freak out and start adding more flour or anything. It's just how it's supposed to be. Let it rise, do its thing for 1 hour. When you're working with the dough, to shape it, lightly flour the table, over the dough as you roll it out.

I recommend using this recipe/steps with a mixer using a dough hook.
If you mix this by hand.. you'll go a little crazy with a gooey mess, but it is still possible to knead this by hand. <--did it once.
You could use a bread machine for this recipe, of course. But I've never done it with a bread machine because I don't have a bread machine, and I don't have a bread machine because I can't have nice things. But you can go onto the original source's website to follow the instructions they have there on it.

I'm completely in love with this recipe. I make cute puffy breads, dinner rolls, and cinnamon rolls so far already using this recipe. Results are always delicious, fluffy, and worth it.

I just realized how so so terrible and vaguely this recipe was written. Because I wrote it thinking no one in the world would read this besides me and a few bots. Turns out people actually do read this. So I went over and made changes and updated it. I even realized I forgot to include the video. ._. I apologize if this was all very confusing. I'm sorry, I suck. It's there now. Enjoy :D


lalala bear bread with banana and chocolate sauce. (me at 4AM and slightly delusional from being sleep deprived)
Different Bread I made another day, but still made the same way, same recipe, etc.

 Dinner Rolls
 This is if you want them to be rolls~ Make each dough ball 2 oz each.

 Cover for 30 minutes~

Brush with egg whites
Bake until golden~  350F


  1. Hi Sarah
    I cant wait to bake this wonderful bread. You are so clever, I hope mine turns out like yours did! One question ... if I put the dough in a loaf pan in one log instead of the traditional rolled portions will it still turn out ok, or will it rise differently? I hope that makes sense. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this video and recipe ^_~

  2. Thank you~ It will turn out okay, but you won't get it shaped exactly as the picture. But the taste would be the same.

  3. Hello sarah, i likes to make some bread at my home too. and your bread is interesting for me, can i know how to make a soft bread like yours. Because i ever make one but the looks is not soft as you have. I also post about my bread in my blog, thank you for your time.
    my blog

  4. This bread is so delicious & soft! I have made it (double the ingredients) so many times I can't count. Two loaves lasts only two days in my house. And I always return to this page when I haven't made it in awhile.

  5. I'm excited to try out this recipe today, do you have any recommended alterations for high altitude (I'm about 1600 meters above sea level)?

  6. Oh wow I don't personally have any experience with baking at high altitude, but hopefully this article under breads would be of help: https://www.epicurious.com/archive/howtocook/primers/altitudebaking_basics
    I think the key thing would be to keep an eye on the bread and watch for over proofing. And just continue on to the next step before that happens. Let me know how it turns out and if you have any questions. Hope this sorta helps lol


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