Pink Macarons With White Chocolate Ganache Filling

I gotta admit. I felt like a pro photographer while taking this picture. The way the bars on my windows reflects in my jasmine tea. Why do I have bars on my windows? To keep the crazies in my neighborhood from coming in.
Those of you who make macarons for a living.. you guys are GOD LIKE. This.. took me about 13 tries or so just to get to this point, it was a pretty nightmareish month for me. I recommend using this recipe because it uses Italian Meringue. Italian Meringue is different from regular meringue, because its much stronger, stiffer, and you'll have a lesser chance of over mixing, though you have to mix a bit more with this. Though macarons are a really straightforward, simple enough sounding recipe, it's all in the technique, and timing. Techniques such as, whipping up your meringue, mixing so you don't over or under mix. You must sift your ingredients over and over in between. Making the simple syrup.. etc. Make sure you write down all your mistakes to figure out what to do the next time. It could be the oven's temperature, or it's air flow, or lack of one.

Recipe from:

120g egg whites, divided
35g sugar
150g finely ground almonds
150g powdered sugar

Sugar syrup:
 150g sugar and 50g water

White Chocolate Ganache Filling
100 g white chocolate chips
1 oz heavy cream

1. Boil Heavy Cream pour over chocolate chips. Wait one minute, then stir.

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And for filling:


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